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Experience the unique B2B travel portal like never before, which offers all the travel requirements in quick, secure and efficient way with live support and wallet system, ability to design your own flyer and much more.

Enjoy Major Travel Services

Whatever be your requirement relating to your travel, Bonton is there to serve you. Flights booking, Hotel bookings, Foreign Currency exchange, Private Charter booking, Holiday packages, Travel Insurance, you just name it and we have it. It is a one stop shop for all your customer’s requirements and with single sign up, you can cater to everything that your customer needs.

Fast, Secure & User Friendly

With the advance of technology, more than anything else, what customer’s need is speed and security. Customers do not want to wait too long and that is where Bonton B2B portal is very handy. As our systems use the highest level of encryption, you should be at complete ease while booking your requirements and sharing debit/credit cards details. Once you start using Bonton B2B portal we are sure you will not find any other portal as user friendly as Bonton’s.

Live Support

Though you will hardly need one, Bonton live support is available covering most of the active time zones. Our expert team will resolve your queries within minutes through our remote support systems. You will never feel alone as there will always be a Bonton support team helping you navigate any issues that you may encounter.

Single Wallet, Multi Services

Once you have created your wallet with Bonton, payment is never an issue. You can use the same wallet for all the services offered on Bonton platform. You can top up anytime with Debit/credit cards and bank transfer and credit is given immediately. This again adds up to user experience while using Bonton portal. You will be shown available balance, credits etc so that you know how much to recharge or top up. Again you can recharge online/offline both.

Secure & Low Rate Online Payment Gateways

Enjoy the best of the payment gateway offerings with Bonton at cost that you never heard of. This is one of the many benefits, you get to enjoy being part of the Bonton family. Economies of scale allow us to bargain harder and pass on the benefits of these concessions to you and your customers. Beat the competition with all these advantages and secure your rightful share in the market.

Advance & Unique Features

Bet on Bonton for the cheapest price. With 1.2 million inventory of hotels worldwide, we can never run out of options. Again with the help of our cutting edge aggregating technology that is developed in-house, we can be sure to offer you the cheapest options possible for hotel and flight bookings. If you want to design your own flyer, you do not have to rush to the designer, Bonton portal will offer you multiple themes and options to choose from and easy to use tools to design flyers of your own brand and taste within the matter of minutes. We invite you to take the advantage of all these unique features and expand the horizon and reach the peak of your business.

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